RED DRM Testimonials

Bespoke Training Day

"A big thank you to all at NFE Group for the excellent training day you provided for the Edgetech (UK) Limited field team yesterday.

 All of the lads thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am certain we all took something away from it that will enhance our driving experience and effectiveness going forward (no pun intended – we’ll reverse better as well!).

All of our instructors were excellent; I sincerely hope they weren’t too traumatised having had to get into cars with the likes of us.

Once again, on behalf of my team and I - many thanks to you all."

On Road Driver Training

"I found the course in both its theoretical and practical sessions very captivating, due to the fact that it was an opportunity to gain as many practical skills to drive to stay alive with an equal benefit to contributing to a safe presence on our roads. I was instructed on carrying out turning manoeuvers fully utilising side mirrors as the van position evolves. I also got instructions on van positioning when joining major roads were driver's view will be impaired due to acute angles. It was a day packed with driving tips from van lane positioning, positive rear driver communications and control and approach control of forward space and general awareness to varying road conditions from Dual Carriages, Motor Ways, A & B roads. As the day progressed, it certainly dawned on me that every single road along the route had been carefully chosen for lessons to be learnt by Ian my instructor for the day. Despite my 27 years driving experience I acquired more safe ways of driving experience. I would high recommend these driving sessions to all drivers."

’‘Very friendly and open to questions; it made me take the test in a very relaxed atmosphere."

’‘Excellent course, very informative, thoroughly enjoyable and provides valuable skills even to those who have many years driving experience’‘

"Jim was friendly and encouraging. He helped to build my confidence and gave me some very helpful feedback which I will continue to use. Thanks Jim!"

"Liz was very good throughout, put me at ease right from the beginning of the session. She was able to answer all questions that I had and gave clear instructions throughout. I've not had any driver training since passing my motorcycle test in 2006 and felt it a valuable refresher."

Advanced Performance Course

"This is a very good course to do and improved my driving."

"Excellent driving course and will recommend to my work colleagues."

"Very enjoyable course, instructor very knowledgeable and approachable. Learnt some very useful new driving skills."

"Fun course, will be using techniques learnt on the road."

"Great Training made aware of speed related skids."

"A brilliant and worthwhile day, I have not received any sort of formal training for road day to day driving since passing my test over 30 years ago. The training location is fabulous, the facilities well thought out and more than fit for purpose, and the trainers highly experienced and friendly."

"What a good day out, knowing how to control your car under different road conditions in an emergency. You can also save fuel and the environment at the same time on the road test exercise. Good day and learnt a lot."

"Excellent course, very informative, thoroughly enjoyable and provides valuable skills even to those who have many years driving experience."

"Very well run course, learnt a lot which will make my driving safer."

"Very useful course which will benefit me in the future."

"Very useful course, would recommend."

"Every driver should do this."

"Excellent day, very helpful and informative."


Vehicle Familiarisation Course

Mike was very positive and upbeat throughout the session giving clear instructions and delivered information in a very concise way which made the training relaxed and vey productive. As a result I was able to comfortably adapt to driving the large vehicles safely.

Winter Driver Training - Designated 4x4 Driver

"Very informative. Identifies that you’re not as good a driver as you think you are."

"Learnt a lot very useful."

"Enjoyable course good instructors."

"Excellent training, learnt quite a lot in a short space of time."

"Very good got a lot out of the course."

"Excellent course."

"Informative & enlightening."

Post Incident Remedial Interventions Training

"Very friendly and open to questions. It made me take the test in a very relaxed atmosphere."

"I was extremely impressed with Paul's adaptation to a slightly unusual training circumstances, He responded to the situation with admirable sympathy and empathy. Having not driven for 6 months due to medical reasons , my "comfort" and self-confidence with road and traffic was not great, though mechanically controlling the car is the proverbial "riding a bike" all the other stuff is very important. By the end of the session Paul had restored my self-confidence without in any way suggesting complacency, rightly pointing out areas that could benefit from "polishing". I am really glad I asked for this session, learned some stuff also benefited from an excellent trainer approach, and that is down to Paul. Many thanks - Mightily impressed. Colin



Trailer Towing

"Very good 100 per cent course could not fault it in any way; trainer was excellent."

"Even though I've done a lot of towing with a caravan a lot of information and advice on towing was given by the instructor. This information and advice will be of good use when towing both at work and at home."



Driver Training Workshop

"Yesterday’s presentation was very informative and gave me a great deal of confidence in NFE and your delivery. I gather others felt the same."

"The Sharing the Road workshops were well received and I want to look at running more."

Just a quick if slightly belated note to thank you for your involvement in this year’s Van Excellence events.

We are very grateful for your support and your contribution was very well received by our delegates. You are probably aware that we ask attendees to provide us with feedback on all our sessions and I’m pleased to say your presentation was rated at a fantastic 95% (top of the class!)

Once again, thank for your support and I look forward to catching up soon.

Refresher Driver Training

"Just some feedback from me. Although I thought it to be a bit unusual to be invited on another driver training day, so soon after the full day at Donington (29/11/17).

The half day with Ian was the perfect follow up, to re-emphasise what we originally learnt in the short session and improve on those techniques. I also learnt new techniques that will hopefully improve my driving experience in the future. One of the main reasons, was the full 3 ½ hour session was 1:1, rather than sharing with 2 others.

I’d certainly recommend it for all my colleagues"


"Had a good afternoon with Kevin in regards to the driver training, the refresh on the day from when I had taken part at driver training at Donington was most welcome and Kevin was really easy to talk to on the training session; I personally have taken away a lot from this session and the one at Donington . Thank you"