Fleet Software Solutions

We will have a wide range of equipment on show and live demos throughout the day where you can review the activity in realtime of many of the vehicles in use at this year's Driver Risk Management show; the Skid Car should feedback some interesting data!


Fleet Software Solutions provides the latest in device agnostic telematics solutions which ensures the perfect platform for fleets of any size, simplicity or complexity, in any country in the world. With devices integrated from over 70 leading manufacturers and configurations for all possible applications, we help to make sense of it all.

Device options that we work with include traditional black box, OBD and cigar lighter plug-ins, CANbus, personal trackers, long battery life asset trackers and cameras that stream straight to the platform following road traffic incidents or harsh driving events. 

As new devices become available on the world market they can be integrated when required as what might be right for you now might not be the best choice for you in six months time. However, whatever device choices are made now or in the future, users of our solutions can continue to work with same software platform, reducing training and implementation costs over the years.

Rebranding can be provided for all clients to guarantee a better buy in from users across any operation. Full training is provided and dashboard analytics and ongoing consultancy make understanding and using the data to great effect as easy as it can be.

When you understand the data, it becomes easy to identify and reduce risk and with that comes better management and control of fleet insurance premiums. API integration with Automotional and a range of other carefully selected partners ensures telematics data can make a massive impact on your fleet operation.

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