At this year’s Driver Risk Management Show, we will be discussing our Driver Wellbeing Profiler which assesses company drivers on multiple areas, such as; tiredness, anxiety, self-esteem, lifestyle, anger, self-management and mental clarity & decisiveness. The profiler gives instant feedback to the driver, providing advice and guidance on how they can improve their performance in key areas such as breathing techniques and relaxation exercises.


Alongside our newly launched Driver Wellbeing Profiler, we will be demonstrating Driive With Reflex. Driive with Reflex provides fleets with a new way of working with data, maximising its potential to reduce costs, improve safety and identify efficiencies. Driive with Reflex offers live driver behaviour insight, with real-time intervention when it is safe to do so. This ensures that, when the driver is briefed, the incident is fresh in their mind and advice and guidance has a real impact on their future approach.

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