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Practical Driver Training - Course list & downloads


RED001 - On Road Training

On Road Driver Training has been proven over many years to save money...book now!


RED002 - Advance Performance

Full day course combining On Road training plus Skid Car, Emergency Reaction Training Parking & Manoeuvring


RED004 - Speed Awareness Training

On Road Training with emphasis on fuel saving techniques - save up to 17% with this self-financing course


RED006 - Winter Driver Training

On Road Training with the emphasis on driving in poor weather conditions


RED008 - Post Incident Remedial Interventions Training

Tailored training for every individual need – returning to driving after incident, illness or any other reason


RED010 - LGV On-Road Manoeuvring

On Road Driver Training specifically for LGV Drivers


RED012 - Trailer Towing

The art of towing, including loading, coupling and the 'legals' – A must for all those that tow


RED013 – Vehicle Manouevring, Signalling Training

Suitable for all drivers and their ‘mates’ to ensure that everyone ends their journey safely!


RED015 – Vehicle Familiarisation Training

Whether from car to van, small van to large van, on road in a 4x4 etc; it’s a must


RED018 - D1 Training

To equip drivers with the tools to make appropriate judgements and employ the safest practices whilst driving minibuses


RED020 - Initial Driver CPC

To drive HGVs and PCVs at a professional and commercial level, drivers must complete statutory training to be issued with a DQC


RED022 - Transport Manager CPC

For Transport Manager, gaining this qualification can seem daunting. We have CPC learning programs to suit all levels of knowledge


RED024 - NRSWA (Traffic Management Unit 2 Street Works)

To improve the skillset of operatives who work on the roadways and use road signs & traffic lights 


RED026 - Trailer familiarisation, loading, safe use & on-road training

For any driver required to tow a trailer of any type, holding a B+E Licence.


RED029 - LGV CAT C1 7.5 TONNE Licence Acquisition

Licence Acquisition Course for vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes but do not exceed 7.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight


RED031 - LGV HGV Cat C (Class 2) Rigid Licence Acquisition

Required to drive vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 7.5 tonnes yet not exceeding 32 tonnes GVW

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RED033 - ALLMI Novice Crane Training

Ideal for those new to the world of HIAB. This course will give you extensive knowledge on operating a lorry mounted crane.


RED039 - ALLMI Crane Experienced Operator

Candidates who have experience of operating a lorry mounted crane, but don’t have a formal certification


RED041 - Pass Plus

official DVSA 6-hour Pass Plus course is designed for newly qualified drivers looking for additional driving experience

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RED001a - On Road Training plus Skid Car

Include Skid Car Training as part of your day’s driver training event – fun and invaluable.


RED003 - Fuelsave Driver Training

On Road Training with emphasis on fuel saving techniques - save up to 17% with this self-financing course


RED005 - UK Driving Induction Familiarisation Training

On Road Training for those new or unfamiliar with driving in the UK


RED007 - Winter Driver Training Designated 4x4 Driver

On and Off Road Training for those that have to drive in poor weather conditions

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RED009 - Skid Recognition Control

Every driver should complete this invaluable training to learn what causes a Skid; great fun also!


RED011 - Off Road 4x4 Driving Safety

Essential training for all those that venture off road in a motor vehicle from basics to advanced


RED012a - Trailer Towing B+E

Licence acquisition for B+E category


RED014 – Interactive Workshop Training

Great for groups of drivers utilising various media and break-out sessions; multiple modules


RED017 – Driver Training ‘Event’

Hands-on, Interactive Workshops with options for Vehicle Fault Find and Parking Manoeuvring for larger groups


RED019 - Driver Assessment

Any new driver or a driver who is using an unfamiliar vehicle, e.g. driver moving up from car to LGV & requires assessment


RED021 - Fleet Professionals Certification

2day course for Fleet Managers, administrators with practical and theory training on elements of DRM


RED023 - LGV On Road & Manoeuvring, Lorry Loader (HIAB), restrain & contain training

For anyone who uses a Lorry Loader and is responsible for restraining and containing loads


RED025 - Electric Vehicles (EV) familiarisation and training

The perfect course for any driver who requires an induction into operating and driving an Electric Vehicle (EV)

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RED027 - Driver CPC Training

A range of JAUPT approved CPC training courses delivered in classroom, in vehicle and even via webinar


RED030 - LGV CAT C1 + E Licence Acquisition

Those requiring use of C1 + E (7.5 Tonne with trailer) on their driving Licence


RED032 - CAT CE (Class 1) Licence Acquisition

Category CE is required to drive vehicles over 3.5 Tonne with a trailer over 750kg

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RED034 - ALLMI Novice Slinger Training

Slinger Signaller and Banksman training course – 2 Days


RED040 - ALLMI Refresher Course HIAB

For experienced HIAB operators who need to renew their certification

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Driver of the Year Competition

A Driver of the Year competition is a great way of enhancing your existing Driver Risk Management programme.