RED DRM Introduction

RED Driver Risk Management provides fully integrated and self-financing DRM programmes that include practical training supported by an online, ongoing programme that includes Licence Checking, Data Management reports and api links to 3rd party providers, whilst providing Duty of Care and H&S compliance.

By putting in place a bespoke, engaging and meaningful training programme you will also save money and even become a profit centre for your company. It also provides complete budgetary control with no surprises, other than the upside!

See the 'Testimonials' page for Case Studies and Driver Feedback for more details and proof of these claims.

Additionally, use these links below to review other benefits of a RED DRM programme and a list of training courses available.

The Financial Case

Practical in-vehicle Driver Training works as well today as it has done for over 40 years in saving money; so why do companies use Online Risk Assessments and E Learning as a substitute? 

The answer is simple, online is cheaper to buy, it ticks a H&S box and is widely available, and promoted by a huge range of providers that don't actually do 'Training.'

RED does do 'Training' however and also understands human behaviour and how to enact change; as a result of these changes you will save huge amounts of money on your fleet and people costs. But don't just take our word for it, check out for yourself how much money you can save by using the Fuelsave button below or see how much other businesses have saved by visiting the Case Studies.

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The HR & H&S Case

Here are the simple facts; engaged drivers who believe in the product will use the new skills learnt that make their lives simpler and less stressful. This new style of driving that gets them from A to B safer, quicker and cheaper, and we can prove it, will also mean that you as a company comply with your H&S and Duty of Care duties.

The practical training is supported by a fully functioning ongoing, online training programme that can be fully integrated into your own existing internal systems or indeed other third party providers via api links.

The programme even includes the unique RED Wellbeing programme, also proven!

Additionally, the programme provides you with realtime Data Management reports, live 24/7.