Why Skid Training?

Many years ago a Fleet Manager asked me why we were teaching his drivers to skid? I simply replied that we were not teaching them to skid but teaching them what the 4 causes of a skid were because once they understood those, they could make the decision to avoid them. Most drivers first experience of skidding is on a public highway when there is less than a few metres available in which to regain control; yes regain control as the definition of skidding is a loss of control! In most cases this is not enough space and so the enevitable occurs. Therefore, it is imperative that every driver is taught how to avoid skidding and this can only be achieved by first giving them the opportunity to skid in a completely safe and controlled environment. The NFE Group runs 5 Scandavian designed Skid Cars at its training centre at Donington Park Race Circuit including front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and even an automatic complete with hand controls if required. These cars allow for a variety of skids to be experienced as the instructor can replicate a variety of road surfaces hence all drivers can learn at their own pace, gaining confidence as they progress. For more information about the variety of Skid Training options whether for Fleet, Corporate, Individuals or even as a Gift Voucher e-mail training@automotional.com or call the bookings team on 01332 810007.

Skid Training

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