Am I alone in wondering?

I'll keep this brief, after my rather lengthy previous post.

But am I alone in wondering quite where the power to power the really important things in life (I'll discount cars for the sake of this debate) is going to come from?

Apparently, some airlines run only one engine on their aircraft to get from the stand to the take-off point. Very laudable, I'm sure. But in the grand scheme of things, what difference will this make to anything?

Just paused to ponder some things which, at the moment, need fossil fuels:










This computer


I was with a client driver the other day who's spent the last 10 years living in Hong Kong. Some of her reflections on the air quality there and in China were along the lines of: "As soon as we got off the plane from Hong Kong to China to see the Terracotta Army, we wondered how our breathing could cope for the next two days". Remember, this is someone who'd already endured Hong Kong where there are pollution laws which are allegedly, generally ignored.

Today, at the time of writing, the news is that some countries have been fibbing about their greenhouse gas emissions...Really?? Tsk, tsk! Naughty countries. How come you get away with it so easily?

Until now, maybe. We can but hope.

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