Team 're' Building Days

RED Wellbeing has provided Teambuilding, previously through its NFE Group companies, successfully for over 20 years and now it has joined together the expertise, the data gleaned from its online Wellbeing Profile programmes and, the current state of the ‘business’ world to create an innovative Team ‘re’ Building event.

Delivered from RED's Training Centre at Donington Park, in a responsible and ‘socially distanced’ manner, the ‘event’ is a full-day event that also provides sessions during the day that can be utilised for ‘internally’ delivered sessions.

Areas Covered

Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency – The day will start with an interactive introduction to this wide subject and the areas that it covers. We will discover that how we ‘feel’ effects how we ‘react’ and also how our ‘heart’ physiologically does rule the ‘brain.’ Some simple strategies will be explored to allow us to take back control, reduce stress and improve our resilience.

Working in a Team not on Teams! – A series of practical activities will be ‘set’ during the day that explore teamwork, how and why it works, the importance of good communication and effective human interaction!

Nutrition & Hydration – This session obviously takes place just before lunch! It will explore the value of ‘colour’ and how this is reflected in a good diet; proper hydration and its effect on our ability to perform will also be discussed. Delegates will then be asked to ‘select’ their healthy lunch from the buffet!

Managing Fatigue – A session that gives delegates the facts around sleep, what we need to do and importantly not do, to sleep more effectively and consistently. We as a species are most tired between 2am and 4am and between 2pm and 4pm and so it makes perfect sense to run this session just after lunch when all sensible Mediterranean countries are having a Siesta!

Other Detail

If not already using the RED Wellbeing Profiler (WBP) this will be included and sent to all delegates in advance of the day and continued post event. All refreshments, including a healthy and nutritious lunch is included in the day. During these ‘social distancing’ times a maximum of 20 delegates can be catered for in the RED Training Centre where all COVID secure measures have been taken. The day plan can also include internal sessions for attending Company use.


The cost to provide this innovative Team ‘RE’ Building event as described above is just £195 per head based on a minimum of 8 participants (max 20 pax).

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