Is Webinar the new way to deliver Training?

Automotional, now part of RED Driver Training, has been busy delivering its CPC training on a daily basis now for 5 weeks, and, has courses booked into July. Whilst the delegate feedback is great, something which gives us great pride, is this really the way forward? How is easy is it to engage with the quiet one at the back? How much interaction is it really possible to get? Of course 'attendees' prefer this type of training, they can do it from home!

On the Wellbeing & Resiliency front, Performance on Demand has also been busy delivering Webinars to its clients, which have also been well received, especially at this difficult time where much uncertainty prevails and mental health issues are on the up.

My view is that Webinars are great in these unusual times but the sooner I can get back to standing at the front of the classroom, the better! Thoughts anyone?

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