Performance on Demand Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing workshops

Wellbeing sessions-bite-sized practical workshops that give the why and the practical how’s. Each workshop is tailored to expand on the advice given in the POD wellbeing profiler and to support this ongoing, online programme.

All sessions are interactive, coupled with high energy and engaging delivery providing delegates with useful, practical tools and techniques that will help them and develop their well-being.


POD004 - Successfully Managing Stress

This workshop focuses on the Anxiety, Anger and Relaxed sections of the POD Profiler and is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of how pressure can reduce resilience levels.


Delegates will learn how to identify the causes and early warning signs of stress and low resilience in themselves and others, and how to develop positive coping strategies, identify ways of supporting others under pressure and be able to use techniques to help build resilience and stress resistance.

  • What is stress?

  • How to recognise low resilience in themselves and others

  • How low resilience and stress affects our body, particularly the heart and brain

  • How this impacts on our chimp brain

  • Learn techniques to control the heart and practice these using bio feedback machines

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to help relax and deal with stress, by staying in the present.

  • Learn to manage your feelings and gain perspective

  • Learn how to switch off your brain or at least focus it.

  • Importance of goal setting in reducing stress and build resilience


For UK wide options, bespoke training options or for any other information please contact us at or call 01332 810007. 

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