Performance on Demand Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing workshops

Wellbeing sessions-bite-sized practical workshops that give the why and the practical how’s. Each workshop is tailored to expand on the advice given in the POD wellbeing profiler and to support this ongoing, online programme.

All sessions are interactive, coupled with high energy and engaging delivery providing delegates with useful, practical tools and techniques that will help them and develop their well-being.


POD002 - Mental Clarity and Brain fitness

Focusing on the mental clarity, decisiveness and control sections of the POD profiler, this workshop uses the latest developments in neuroscience to show why looking after our brain is so important, but also provides the simple and effective things you can do to help.

  • What we mean by mental resilience

  • Understand what mental toughness is and how to develop it.

  • How mentally tough are you? Take the test

  • Understanding how your brain works and what it needs

  • Learn the SENSE Model. A brain development tool

    • Stress –how to deal with it

    • Exercise –why it’s important for brain health

    • Nutrition- foods to help your brain

    • Sleep – why it is important for your brain and how to get better sleep

    • Experience - why continuous learning is critical for brain health

  • Learn some mental toughness techniques for better focus and problem-solving

For UK wide options, bespoke training options or for any other information please contact us at or call 01332 810007. 

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